Prof. Masayuki Horio from Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology will give a plenary lecture on the agglomeration and defluidization in fluidized beds.

Introduction of Professor Masayuki Horio

Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

2020-present: Director of Research Institute for Symbiotic Energy Society.

Author of Chapter 2 Hydrodynamics in “Circulating Fluidized Bed” edited by Grace, Avidan and Knowlton, 1997. Co-editor of Fluidization Handbook (1999; in Japanese).

Co-author of: ‘Chemical Engineering for the Anthropocene’ (Can. J Chem. Eng., 2023; 101: 295-308) and ‘Fluidization centennial and the decades of research and development in Japan’ (Powder Technology, 415(2023) 118093)

Author and editor of ‘Discussions on Decarbonization 2023-2034’ (2023; in Japanese).

Prof. Horio Received PhD from Nagoya Univ. in 1974 under the supervision of Professor Muchi and did Post Doc. studies at WVU under Professor Wen, where he assisted Professor Kunii making his summer lecture course, also he taught a graduate course ‘topics of fluidization’ for a semester with Professor Wen.

At TUAT he served as a Professor of Chem. Eng. over 1984-2008. After retired from TUAT he taught energy & environment policy and Science Technology Society Studies in Ryukoku Univ. (Kyoto) as Professor of Policy Sci. for five years from 2010.